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Using OmniBar with Windows95
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OmniBar is a DOS-based terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program that will intercept a printer data stream and insert barcodes in response to specific command strings. While the product is intended for use on MS-DOS systems, it can be used on Windows/95 with some restrictions. This capability may be useful when moving existing DOS applications to the Windows environment.

  • OmniBar will work only with other DOS-based programs. It will not work with a Windows application.
  • OmniBar will work only with a locally-attached printer. It cannot be used to print over a network.
  • OmniBar must be run in a DOS window under Windows/95, generally in the same window (session) as the application program it is working with. A batch file could be used to run OmniBar, then the application.

Here are some configuration settings that may have to be adjusted. In the control panel, go to printers and then click with the right mouse button on the target printer. Go to Properties, then click on Details.

  1. Select Port Settings, then Configure Port. Turn OFF the check boxes "Spool MS print jobs" and "Check port status before printing".
  2. Select Spool Settings and select "Print direct to printer" instead of "print to spooler".


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