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Run-Time Error 430 Resolution
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"Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface"

This error may occur when software attempts to access a database file by referencing libraries that are a different version than those installed on the computer. Microsoft provides a set of software libraries that programs use to interact with databases; these libraries are known collectively as Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). These components are normally included with application programs that need them and are installed automatically during the setup process. A problem can occur if the incorrect version of MDAC is included on the installation disk, or if MDAC is already installed on the computer and the setup process does not overwrite MDAC with the new version. When the software references one version of MDAC but a different (usually older) version is installed, Error 430 is the result.

The best solution is to download and install the latest MDAC version from Microsoft's web site (as 12/05/02, the latest version is 2.6, SP2)

Further information can be found at the Microsoft Knowledge Base in Articles 248404, 310303, and 307255.


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