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Updating legacy software that uses now-obsolete Bear Rock Software
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Many older applications relied on Bear Rock software to add barcodes to printed documents. Bear Rock software is no longer available, and the original software does not work properly on newer operating system platforms such as Windows 2000 or XP. Moving legacy applications to newer platforms presents the problem of how to print barcodes without major software changes. BarPump works with all PCL-5 compatible laser printers.

BarPump, a barcode applciation available from MEC Software, can be configured to respond to the same barcode trigger used by Bear Rock. To print a barcode with Bear Rock software, the target data would simply be enclosed within pairs of @ symbols, like this:


Since BarPump can respond to the same triggers, there is no need to modify the application software. This can be especially helpful in cases of complex or critical applications where changing the software could be expensive, difficult, or risky. Responding to the @@ trigger simply requires adding a line to the BarPump configuration file:


Additional details about BarPump, including downloadable manual and demonstration version, are available at:


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