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Using Bar Tender Enterprise Edition in Multi-Site Installations
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The Bar Tender Enterprise Edition permits unlimited users and a licensed number of printers on a single network. The limit on the number of printers is managed by license server software that runs on a single computer on the network. As long as all computers are on the same network, they may be physically located at separate facilities. For example, the license server can run on a computer in a main office, and printers can be located in separate buildings.

A problem can arise if the network link between a remote location and the central license server fails. Prior to printing labels, the copy of Bar Tender running at the remote facility will check with the license server. If the network link is down, Bar Tender at the remote facility will not be able to obtain validation from the license server and the labels will print in demonstration mode (one character altered in each printed data field).

In mission-critical applications, printing must proceed normally in spite of failure of a network link between buildings. The solution is to purchase and install a Bar Tender Enterprise Print-Only License at each remote facility. The Print-Only License provides a license server within each remote facility, so a network link back to a central office is not required for printing. The base print-only license provides for 3 printers; larger number of printers are available. A full copy of the Enterprise Edition is required for designing labels. Here is a link to information about Bar Tender: The Enterprise Print-Only license costs approximately $270 (Item #102806).

When several license servers are installed on the same network, each must be assigned a different port number. Here is the general setup procedure:

1. Install the print-only license server at each remote facility.

2. Set the port number on each license server on the network. To do this, run the license server program and click on Tools -> General Options -> Network. Set each of the license servers to a different port number. For example:

Main Office: Port 5160
Factory #1:  Port 5161
Factory #2:  Port 5162
Factory #3:  Port 5163

3. Set the port number on each installed copy of Bar Tender to match the license server you want to use. To do this click on Tools -> Administrative Setup. Select License Management and click Edit Type and fill in the Port Number for the license server located within the local building.


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