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Here are some articles containing instructions for various software and hardware applications related to using barcodes.  If you do not see what you are looking for here, email us with the specifics of your problem so we know what people want to see on the Application Notes page.

  • AppNote 001:  Calculating Code 128 Barcode Checksum on FoxPro
  • AppNote 002:  Calculating a UPC Barcode Checksum in Access Basic
  • AppNote 003:  Calculating the PostNet Barcode Checksum in Access Basic
  • AppNote 004:  Calculating a Code 128 Barcode Checksum in Access Basic
  • AppNote 005:  Using OmniBar with Windows/95
  • AppNote 006:  Using Bar Tender with Microsoft Access
  • AppNote 007:  UPC-A Retail Barcodes for In-Store Use
  • AppNote 008:  Printing Code39 Fonts from Microsoft Word
  • AppNote 009:  Cautions concerning barcodes created with TrueType fonts
  • AppNote 010:  Installing Full Bar Tender Edition Over Trial Version
  • AppNote 011:  Saving Bar Tender Label Layouts For Previous Versions
  • AppNote 013:  Zebra ZPL files created with DOS application stop working in Windows/2000
  • AppNote 014:  Printing Code 39 Barcodes with Microsoft Access
  • AppNote 015:  Printing Barcodes with MAI OpenBasic
  • AppNote 016:  Can a Keyboard Function Key be Embedded in a Barcode?
  • AppNote 017:  Run-Time Error 430:  "Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface"
  • AppNote 018:  JetCAPS BarDIMM for the HP LaserJet 4200 mismatched firmware revision
  • AppNote 019:  Downloading PCL fonts to network printers using the lpr command
  • AppNote 020:  Updating legacy software that uses now-obsolete Bear Rock Software to print barcodes
  • AppNote 021:  Using Bar Tender Enterprise Edition in Multi-Site Installations
  • AppNote 022:  ASCII Control Codes in Code 128 Barcodes
  • AppNote 023:  How to translate a UPC-E barcode to the full UPC-A equivalent
  • AppNote 024:  Printing Barcodes in SAP using downloadable PCL fonts
  • AppNote 025:  Tracking Shop Orders with WIP Data Capture
  • AppNote 026:  File, File, who's got the file?   Using MEC Software's FileTracker
  • AppNote 027:  Programming Information JetCAPS BarDIMM
  • AppNote 028:  Symbol CS-1504 Scanner and Windows/XP
  • AppNote 029:  Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Required in Argentina (Requerido en Argentina)
  • AppNote 030:  What are downloadable PCL Fonts and why should I care?
  • AppNote 031:  Rotating PCL Fonts
  • AppNote 032:  Remapping keyboard layout in Windows 2000/XP
  • AppNote 033:  Printing PCL files on OpenVMS

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